Customized Director training programOrganization: Ognibene India

Business Situation:

  • InterGlobe Enterprises is a large Indian conglomerate that employs more than 27,000 professionals across 60 cities globally. Main activities include Aviation, Real Estate, Hospitality and Travel related services
  • InterGlobe Enterprises was keen to enhance and improve the effectiveness of governance of its subsidiaries including dimensions such as board-effectiveness, board and senior management alignment, executive director capabilities, and group board and subsidiary board interplay


  • 2 day Workshop with the Directors of the Holdco and each of its subsidiary companies
  • An introduction to aspects of corporate governance and focus upon improving interactions with individual Board members and as a group;
  • Develop awareness of deeper aspects of Corporate Governance and better align corporative governance practices within the Group;
  • Prepare to take a more proactive role in influencing the work and decision-making activities of the Board through their interactions;
  • Get a feel for board dynamics and experience board situations through case-studies and mock board meeting event simulation;
  • Take a more proactive and strategic decision-making approach as befits an effective corporate leader.


  • More effective Boards, for Interglobe and each of the subsidiary companies.