These are the industries that have the best and worst gender equality in leadership

Which companies and industries in the Russell 3000 Index have gender equity (or even close to full representation for women)? FactSet analyzed the board and leadership makeup of companies on the market-capitalization-weighted equity index. Spoiler alert: none of the stats suggest gender diversity is coming into balance overall, however, there were some bright spots.


  • The percentage of companies with zero female board members has fallen to 18%
  • 47% have boards comprised of less than 15% female members
  • 14 companies have female-majority boards
  • 22 companies have equal male/female representation
  • Although only 151 companies in the Russell 3000 have a female CEO (5.1%) this is up from 143 in March 2017

Perhaps this is no surprise, but companies with a female CEO tend to have high female representation on their board of directors. And the industry sectors with the best female representation on boards are utilities and consumer goods. Both sectors rank highest for female CEOs: utilities has women representing 11.1% of CEOs.

According to the analysis, the tech sector ranks dead last with female CEOs at only 2.4% of the companies and an average board representation of 16.1%. However, of all Russell 3000 companies, Travelzoo (TZOO) has the highest number of women on its board (80%).

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