The Leadership Agenda: Covid-19 & Beyond | A Series of Fortnightly Webinars

Webinar #2: Strategy for Business Continuity

In the 2nd edition, we had tried to deep dive with the leaders looking at recalibrating their Strategies to navigate the crisis and prepare for a post COVID world.


Avinder Singh – Managing Director | Osram Lighting

Mia de Kuijper – Senior Vice President Strategy | Salesforce

Raj Nair – Chairman | Avalon Consulting

Siraj Chaudhry – Managing Director | NCML


Suresh Raina – Partner | Hunt Partners

Webinar Recording:

In continuation to our webinar series, we are pleased to present Episode #3: Rebuilding Business for the ‘New Normal’ in the fortnightly series taking place on Friday, 5th June at 2:30pm IST / 9:00am GMT.

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