Talent Acquisition Trends in 2019

Trend 1. Talent Acquisition Functions Building Communities of Talent Online

The average person spend 4 hours a day on their mobile device and most of that time is spent within their favourite social channels.

In 2019 we will see more employers utilising different social channels to build communities and engage with the specific skills demographics that reside on these platforms.

Take Reddit for instance, if you are hiring developers, this platform is the most fertile for developers engaging with technology and programing content. The Programming subreddit alone, has over 1 million subscribers and at at any given time can have over 50,000 active subscribers sharing programming problems and techniques.

Definitely an amazing place to engage talent.

Trend 2. Skills-Specific Employer Branding

It’s not enough to have a high-level Employer value proposition in today’s candidate driven market. Take a salesperson, they would have different expectations of the workplace than a developer. Creating these definitions is key to being able to attract the demographics to your brand so that you can convert them.

This year, employers will be drilling deeper in to their value propositions to fit the skills that they are looking to hire. This will be particularly pertinent to the demographics that are the most difficult-to-hire.

Trend 3. Talent Experiences

People can experience your employer brand in many ways, it is everything from the fluidity of their application process, to the experiences that a candidate has with your recruiters and hiring managers at every touch-point.

Creating a seamless and streamlined end to end recruitment process, that is hyper personalised and keeps a candidate engaged will be high on the agenda of many recruitment functions this year.

IMO, the ultimate experiences will combine technology with human interactions.

Trend 4. Recruitment Automation Tools

Automation is not Artificial Intelligence (AI), I for one, do not believe that AI is in a place to be able to replace recruiters right now. However, Automation can take away a lot of the tasks that keep recruiters from having meaningful interactions with candidates and their stakeholders/clients.

This year will see an upsurge in automation tools to remove administrative processes and to better engage candidates and the hiring managers of businesses.

Recruiters submit candidates and the whole process from screening to interview scheduling is automated for the recruiter, hiring manager and candidates, even the calendars are synchronised (including different time zones).

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