Dr.Tasha Eurich highlights the 7 Pillars of Insight in her Webinar

VALUES The principles that guide us 1.     What key values were you raised with? Does your current belief system reflect those values, or do you see the world differently than you were brought up to see it?2.     When it comes to raising a family or mentoring others, what behaviours would you most and least want to model and teach others?
PASSIONS What we love to do 1.     What kind of day would make you leap out of bed in the morning? How much does your current routine give you the chance to have this kind of day?2.     What projects or activities do you never seem to get sick of and/or lose track of time while you’re doing them?
ASPIRATIONS What we want to experience and achieve 1.     When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up and what drew you to this profession?2.     What legacy do you want to leave behind in your work and personal life?
FIT The environment we require to be happy and engaged 1.     If you had to describe your ideal work environment, what would it be? What about your nightmare work environment?2.     What types of social situations and relationships tend to make you the happiest?
PATTERNS Our consistent ways of thinking, feeling and behaving 1.     If you had to describe your personality in five words, what would you say?2.     What events or types of situations seem to cause you the most stress or put you in the worst mood?
REACTIONS The thoughts, feelings and behaviours that reveal our strengths and weaknesses 1.     In the past, what have you picked up easily without a lot of training? What type of work do you feel the proudest of?2.     What are your biggest failures and what do they have in common? When have you been most disappointed with your performance?
IMPACT Our effect on others See next page for the Leader Feedback Process, which will help you understand your impact on others.

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