Gautam Godhwani
Chairman & Co-founder- Simply Hired, Inc.

Mr. Gautam Godhwani is Co-Founder and Vice President of Products at Habitera, Inc. Mr. Godhwani Co-Founded Simply Hired, Inc. in 2003 and served as its Chief Executive Officer from 2004 to November 13, 2012. Mr. Godhwani was a co-founder of AtWeb and served as its Chief Executive Officer. 

He has worked for several organizations including HP, IBM, and Microsoft. Mr. Godhwani has lots of experience with startups, and finding great people to help grow them. He co-founded the India Community Center to help the SF bay area community closer together. Mr. Godhwani has been the Chairman of the Board of Simply Hired, Inc. since November 13, 2012 and serves as its Director. He serves as a Board Member of Mr. Godhwani holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley. 


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