Personalisation and Customisation in Recruitment

How can you use personalisation and customisation to improve your recruitment efforts?

Some suggestions are as follows:

1. Candidates can create their own job

With ‘Nike by You” you can co-create your own shoe online. Where are the organisations where you can create your own job?

Nike by You

2. Create job for the candidate based on personality, social profile and other accessible variables

The more you know about the candidate, the better you are able to personalise your opportunities. Surprise the candidates and offer them opportunities that fit like a glove.

3. Candidates can choose their preferred recruiter

Easy to customise, if you have more than one recruiter. Give some information about the recruiter (not just photo) on your career site, and let the candidates choose.

recruiters4. Match candidates with recruiters by using personality matching technology

Personality/ behavioural matching software is used in many call centers. This technology can be used to match candidates with recruiters and other people involved in the selection process. Have a look at Pure Matching or Nice in Contact.

5. Candidates can choose between fast track and slow track

Not all candidates want fast. You can adapt your speed to the wishes of the candidate.

6. Candidates can choose between F2F- and video interview

Candidates can be given the option when it comes to interviews and they can choose a method basis their comfort.

This will have an impact on the candidate’s performance as well.

video interview

7. Offer weekend option in the selection process

8. Communicate via preferred channel of candidate

In what way can we best communicate with you?

  • E-mail
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Signal
  • Text message
  • Telephone
  • Twitter
  • Other: ……….

9. Personalise messages to candidates

There are tools that can help you to tailor your messages to the personality of the candidate, like Crystal.

10. Offer “blind” interview

blind hiring